English info

English info

Important informations:

We need the following documents for the rental
– Passport or ID
– Driving licence (min. since 1 year)
– Hungarian address card (if you don’t have, we accept a hungarian contact who live in
Hungary and has the address card. Otherwise we hold back the deposit for 60 days (it is
nessesary in case of penalties: parking, fast driving, other police-fees)

The min. age of driver: 21 years

Duration of the rental day: 1 day of rental is 24 hours.

Payment conditions: You must pay the rental fee in the same time with the deposit when
you pick up the car. We cannot accept credit cards. You have to pay in cash. The deposit
can be payed in USD, EUR, GBP, CHF….

Our cars:
Our cars are regularly controlled in our service. Every time we give the cars with the
required facilities. (winter tires, winter window washing liquid, summer tires, summer
window washing liquid)

In case of breakdown:
If necessary we can change the car for an other one in the same category.

Every time we give the wiht full of fuel. You have to give it back also full. If not we charge
the missing fuel.

Usage of the car:
During the rental the Renter must take care of the car, and need to pay all the incurring
costs. also after the rental. (parking, fast driving, other police-fees)

Cars: HUF 3.000,-
Minibusses: HUF 8.000,-